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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Global Artist Spotlight: Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian is an Australian R&B & Soul singer-songwriter who was the winner of the first Australian Idol in 2003. Since then he's gone on to release four top selling album in Australia. His music is a smooth combination of Soul/R&B/Pop and it's pretty summery. His latest album, Like it Like That was released in 2009. Below is the third single from the album, "All To Myself" which features John Mayer on guitar.  


  1. my favourite artist!

    check him out on youtube hes incredible

    check under latest added to get his new music

  2. Absolutely love this artist
    He is a musical genius
    Can play most instruments, has an amazing voice LIVE and is a singer/songwriter.
    He is just magic! My favourite artist as well
    All to Myself is very catchy and love the Video filmed in Beunos Aires

  3. Absolutely adore this artist! The Youtube is very cool! btw you dont need to have the full audio here which is illegal - people can hear the full song from the Youtube and buy from links there if they wish.